Enterprise Food Products (EFP)

At EFP, our plant-based caramelized syrups and powders deliver the cleanest, purest notes and are a complementing component to any flavor system. If you’re a flavorist, caramelized sugars are that “X-FACTOR” ingredient you need, you just may not realize it yet.

Caramelized sugars primary benefit for flavor developers is the impact with taste modifications, to brighten and assist with rounding out complex flavor designs. Even when applied at low levels the caramelized sugar can’t be denied as a key complementing ingredient in flavor development. In addition, EFP’s ingredients are cost-effective and can deliver effective masking properties to combat off-notes. Created from two simple ingredients, sugar and water, EFP’s Caramelized Sugars are second-to-none in quality, versatility and impact for the flavor developer’s toolbox.

Whether it’s a syrup or powder you require, you can always rely on receiving the same consistency in quality, taste, flow and incidental color contribution associated with any of the ingredients EFP offers. You can also feel confident that EFP maintains stock for all the products we offer, even in the most uncertain of times. We partner with our customers to project out and plan ahead to help put measures in place to minimize any potential delays in having your ingredients available and delivered when you want it.

Industry association memberships:
Institute of Food Technologies
Institute of Supply Management
Research Chefs Association

EFP’s Caramelized Syrups and Powders Are a Complement to Any Flavor System with Bright, Pure Notes.